Hello there!

I'm Niklas, a young photographer, designer and creative mind, currently graduating in interaction design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. I strive to find solutions to complex problems that offer real added value for people. In an increasingly digital and connected world, it is helpful to have an antipole. When I'm not working on projects with my team, you'll find me either wandering around with a camera in my hand or working in my analogue photo lab in the basement of my flat. To keep my body fit besides all the mental work, I love to explore the beautiful nature of the Swabian Alb or Lake Constance on my bike.

Empathic and Rational

Working as a full-time paramedic gave me the skills to put myself in people's shoes and analyse their needs and problems. At the same time, I am able to keep a cool head under pressure and make rational decisions.


I overcome, rise up, and benefit from my struggles and mistakes. Expanding my comfort zone, or jumping outside the box i sometimes hide in, makes me become what I am, a human being.

Analogue photography enthusiast

Anything which has a lens and a shutter has become a small focal point in my life. Photography is my medium and language to express myself and to convey my perceived reality to the outside world.

Analytical thinker

My ability to visualize, articulate, and solve both complex and uncomplicated problems and concepts, and make decisions that are sensical based on available information.

I dwell among creative spirits. Together, we weave stories, create memories, and achieve outstanding results. 
My work is a reflection of the innovative environment that envelops me. 
These are the people to whom I extend my deepest gratitude for enriching my environment